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Central National Bank understands the importance of this area’s diversified agricultural economy, and we are dedicated to meeting your financial requirements for all agricultural needs. 

  • Poultry 
  • Swine 
  • Cattle 
  • Crops 
  • Equipment 
  • Agricultural Real Estate

In addition to our conventional agricultural loans, we offer FSA loans. Central National Bank takes great pride in being the largest FSA Preferred Guarantee Lender in Eastern Oklahoma and have been authorized to make FSA loans throughout the entire state of Oklahoma. 

Central National Bank offers two types of FSA Guaranteed Loans:

  • Guaranteed Farm Ownership: Includes loans to purchase farmland, poultry houses, pork facilities, etc., construct or repair buildings, develop farmland, or refinance. 
  • Guaranteed Operating Loans: Includes loans to purchase livestock or equipment, operating expense, family living expense, or refinance. 

To qualify for an FSA Guaranteed loan, applicants must: 

  • be a citizen of the United States. 
  • have an acceptable credit history as determined by the lender. 
  • have the legal capacity to incur the obligations of the loan. 
  • demonstrate repayment ability. 
  • provide sufficient security for the loan. 
  • be unable to obtain a loan without a guarantee. 
  • be the owner or tenant operator of a family farm after the loan is closed. 
  • not be delinquent on any Federal debt. 

Application packets may be obtained at the CNB location nearest you. Additional information needed from you may include the following:

  • last three years income tax returns
  • complete financial statement 
  • construction bid list for poultry facilities (if applicable) 
  • a legal description of the land (if real estate) 
  • copies of deeds of all property owned 
  • copy of written lease

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